Animating the Strategic Plan
of Utrecht University

A screenshot of the game's protagonist saying "There must be a way!"
Utrecht University
Illustration, Animation

About this project

The Utrecht University asked us to create an animated video for their 5 year Strategic Plan. We combined live footage, shot in the city of Utrecht, with 2D animation to highlight in a playful way the main pillars of the Plan.

We took care of creating the artwork and animation together with Lucas Souza, who also did the sound design. The footage was filmed by Roderik Rotting and edited by Giorgos Angelopoulos.

First steps

The goal was to create an open invitation for everyone at the university, presenting their guiding principles for collaborating and working towards a sustainable future.

The Utrecht University provided a series of guiding principles that represent their way of working. We analysed these guiding principles and came up with ideas on how to represent each one of those in our animation.

Next we started developing a rough storyboard and an animatic.

After we had our storyboard approved we created an animatic with a placeholder voiceover and using the storyboard frames as placeholder shots.

The animatik helped us figure out the pacing of our movie and better plan the scheduled shooting of live footage in the city of Utrecht.

Visual style

Meanwhile we were also developing the look and feel of the animation. Starting from a wide exploration, sketching and iterating until we settled on a style that felt just right.

Below are some highlights from the final video.

A portrait photo of our client
Leni Kinzli
Office Manager,
UNU Office at the United Nations in New York

"Working with Bomburo was an absolute pleasure.
They were incredibly professional and efficient and were able to take our ideas and translate them into concrete design outputs.

Moreover, they were very flexible in incorporating our feedback on an earlier version of the design and were able to turn around a product incredibly quickly. Their expertise in design greatly contributed to the excellent work they did.

We would highly recommend working with them."

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